Rebel Summer Series

Strength and Conditioning

Tuesdays and Thursdays June 1st - August 12th 4 -5 pm

Entire Summer Program- $225 for all 22 classes before May 24th.  $275 after May 24th.

Package includes t-shirt and fitness tracking booklet.

$15 - Individual class - must register online

Join us for our strength and conditioning summer program led by Coach Alyssa. Develop your speed, agility, and strength skills with one hour group training twice a week.  We will focus on improving essential skills through speed, endurance, strength and agility training.


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Class Dates:

June 1st
June 3rd
June 8th Outdoor Workout
June 10th
June 15th Outdoor Workout
June 17th
June 22nd
June 24th
Outdoor workout
June 29th
July 1st
July 6th
July 8th
July 13th
July 15th
July 20th
July 22nd
July 27th
July 29th
Aug 3
Aug 5
Aug 10
Aug 12